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Concrete Reclaimer, CHY-160/CHY-180

Our CHY concrete reclaimers combine a sand separator and stone separator unit to collect and sort concrete materials for recycling purposes. Spiral vanes are equipped on both the interior and exterior of the rotary screen. The sand and stones are collected and discharged from separate outlets. These reclamation units are suitable for medium and large recycled concrete batching plants because of its large volume.

1. Almost no ramp needed.
2. The innovatively designed rotary screen prevents blockage when handling large concrete blocks.
3. With the discharge bucket, friction-free operation is realized to minimize energy consumption.
4. The large volume body design contributes to an excellent sedimentation effect and minimal sand overflow.

Technical Specifications
Model CHY Series
Dia. Rotary Screen (mm) 1600
Discharge Capacity (m3/h) 23
Sand Size(mm) φ1 ~ φ5
Stone Size (mm) > φ5
Total Power (kw) 11.5
Overall Size (L x W x H) m 5.04×2.40×2.31
Total Weight (t) 5.1
No. of Mixer Trucks > 30 Trucks
Washout Stinger 1 ~ 3 Trucks
Electric Control Panel PLC Auto Control
Standard Input Power 380V/50Hz
Other Power Inputs Available
Container Shipment: 140ftHC
Pumps According to detailed design
Complete Layout Drawings Size and concept drawings for reclaimer foundation and pits, etc.
Model CHY-180
Dimension (mm) 5400*2240*2200 (L*W*H)
Cylinder Diameter (mm) ¢800- ¢ 1600
Dimension of Sand Scraper (mm) 400 ×300
Sieving Capacity (m3/h) 10-20
Transmission Mechanism (Reduction Box) BW6-87
Total Power (KW) 7.5KW
Gravel Dimension (mm) > ¢5
Sand Dimension (mm) ¢1 ~¢5
Quantity of Mixer Truck 10-40
Quantity of Truck Washing Place 1 ~2
Electronic Control System PLC automatic control
Total Weight (t) 6
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