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Concrete Reclaimer, CHH-150

The CHH-150 concrete reclaimer is specially designed for medium sized readymix companies with relatively small space. The reclaimer requires less than 20 square meters for installation. Despite its compact design, the CHH-150 has a high operating capacity, performing full recycling on a 10 cubic meter concrete mixer truck in around 25 minutes.

All CHH-150 reclamation units can be equipped with a pump washing device.

1. High efficient material separation
2. 25 minute reclamation of a 10 cubic meter mixing truck
3. Pump washing device
4. No ramp
5. Flexible 3-way inlet
6. 1.8m high outlet, large stock
7. Compact structure

Technical Specifications
Discharge Capacity 20 m3 /h
Aggregate Size >0.2mm
Total Power 11.5kw
Overall Size (L x W x H) 7.5*2.2*2.8m
Total Weight 5080kg
No. of Mixer Trucks > 30 Trucks
Washout Stinger 1 ~ 3 Trucks
Electric Control Panel PLC Auto Control
Standard Input Power 380V/50Hz
Other Power Inputs Available
Container Shipment 140ftHC
Pumps According to detailed design
Complete Layout Drawings Size and concept drawings for reclaimer foundation and pits, etc
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