Filter Press System

The filter press system is employed by large concrete producers that need to recycle clean water as well as concrete waste. These systems allow these operations to produce dry cakes and usable clean water, realizing a zero waste and zero discharge process.

Working Principle
1. The mixing truck is parked in the designated spot and the system is activated, filling the mixing chamber with water.
2. Waste concrete is dumped in the hopper and then passes through the concrete reclaimer, separating sand and stones.
3. The slurry water overflows into 2 mixing tanks with agitators to prevent settling. Through the water sensors and pumps, the slurry water is pumped into the filter press, and through the filter press system, cleaning the water and forming recyclable cakes of waste.
4. The clean water can then be reused in the batching plant or for washing truck mixers. The remaining water can be discharged after the PH control system. The sludge cakes can be reused to produce bricks and blocks.

PLC Automatic Control
Flap board to prevent water from drop ping onto the muddy cakes.
Through the electric slurry valve, the discharge of slurry water can be separated from the clean water.

Technical Parameters
Filter Press Technical Parameters
1 Model XMZY30/1000-30U XMZY15/870-30U
2 Filtration Area(M2) 35 15
3 No. of Plates(PCS) 19 13
4 Cake Thickness(mm) 30 30
5 Chamber Volume(L) 518 230
6 Plate Size(mm) 1000*1000 870*870
7 Plate Material RFPP RFPP
8 Max. Hydraulic Pressure(MPa) 20 20
9 Filtration Pressure(MPa) 0.6 0.6
10 Press Type Hydraulic press, mechanical pressure Hydraulic press, mechanical pressure
11 Hydraulic Station Power(KW) 4+2.2 4+0.75
12 Weight(Kg) 4100 1500
13 Out size(mm) 3400*1450*1560 2750*1300*1600
14 Moisture Content (%) 60--70 60--70
Main Specifications
NO Name Model Remarks
A1 Concrete reclaimer CH100 (opposite) /8kw
A2 Hopper 7m (opposite)
A3 Electric control cabinet PLC Automation
B1-2 Agitators BLD13-23-DXJ55-ZJ1300/5.5kw
W1 Water level controller Electrode type
P1 Press filling pump 65wq40-50-11kw Pump slurry to filter press
P2 Hopper pump 50WQ20-25-3kw Pump slurry water to hopper
P3 Slurry add pump WQ 15-20-2.2 Add water to tank 1 #,2#
P4-5 Truck mixer pump 50WQ20-25-3kw Wash truck mixers
P6 Reclaimer pump WQ 15-20-2.2 Wash concrete crete reclaimer
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