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Settling Pond Recycling System

The settling pond recycling system is the most popular type of concrete recycling solution for readymix concrete producers. The equipment is easy to use and it is effective.

The standard design is 2-4 settling slope tanks, 1 clean water tank

Easy installation, low investment, simple operation

Working Principle
1. The mixing truck is parked in a designated position and the machine, once activated will fill the mixing chamber with water.
2. The waste concrete will be dumped into the hopper, then through the concrete reclaimer, effectively separating sand and stones.
3. The slurry water overflows to the settling pits where clean water can be recycled.

Main Specifications
NO Name Model Remarks
A1 Concrete reclaimer STF-140(opposite)/7.5kw
A2 Hopper 7m (opposite)
A3 Electric control cabinet PLC Automation
B1-4 Agitators BLD-23-DXJ55-ZJ1300/5.5kw
W1-3 Water level controller Electrode type
P1-2 Batching pump 80SWQ65-25-7.5 Pump slurry to batching plant
P3 Hopper pump 50WQ20-25-3kw Pump slurry to wash hopper
P4 Slurry add pump WQ 15-20-2.2 Add slurry to tankl ,2#
P5-6 Truck pump 50WQ20-25-3kw Pump water to wash mixer trucks
P7-8 Water add pump WQ 15-20-2.2 Add water to tank3,4#,wash reclain
P9 Drain pump 50WQ10-10-0.75 Drain out water

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