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Wash Water Recycling System

    1. Filter Press SystemThe filter press system is employed by large concrete producers that need to recycle clean water as well as concrete waste. Inquiry Form
    1. Settling Pond Recycling SystemThe settling pond recycling system is the most popular type of concrete recycling solution for readymix concrete producers. The equipment is easy to use and it is effective. Inquiry Form

The concrete and wash water recycling system is designed for readymix concrete companies that produce low strength concrete mixtures and lack fresh water resources.

The standard design of the agitator slurry recycle system has 4 mixing tanks, 1 settling slope tank and 1 clean water tank.

The slurry pumps of the batching plant are installed in mixing tank 1, the slurry pumps for truck mixers and adding water are placed in mixing tank 3.

Working Principle
1. The mixing truck is parked in a designated position and the machine, once activated will fill the mixing chamber with water.
2. The waste concrete will be dumped into the hopper, then through the concrete reclaimer, effectively separating sand and stones.
3. The slurry water overflows to mixing tanks (2-4), where agitators prevent settling. Through the water sensors and pumps, the slurry water can be reused in the batching plant to replace a percentage of clean water to make new concrete, of which the waste can be 100% recycled.

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