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Truck Wash System

This series of truck wash system is a specially designed cleaning machine for removing waste concrete from the discharge port of concrete mixing stations. It effectively cleans the whole truck.

With its simple structure, this system is easy to dismantle and install, and is suitable for all conditions.

It can be customized according to your needs.

Technical Parameters
Item Specification
Model SYX30-G Truck Wash System
Machine Dimension 3500*4500*3500 (L×W×H)mm
Washing Pressure 4-6 bar
Washing Type Segmented
Water Feeding Type Submersible pump, booster pump
Sewage Discharging Type Sewage pump
Control Mode Manual, automatic or remote control
Nozzle Qty. 46 pieces
Washing Speed 15-30s/truck
Water Consumption 0.38-0.75 m3/truck
Power Consumption 0.20KW/truck
Motor Power 25-30KW
Structural Material Square steel, channel steel, galvanized pipe, etc.
Surface Treatment Galvanizing, spray painting
Electronic Control System PLC automatic control
Washable Parts Chassis, tires and vehicle body
Truck Type Concrete mixer truck
Starting Mode Infrared detector
Structure of Main Machine Steel structure portal frame
High-Pressure Pump CLD32-100-2
Water Supply Pump 80SWQ65-20-7.5
Galvanized Pipe ₵65, ₵80
Bottom Spray System Available
Sewage Treatment Equipment Optional
Water Neutralization Equipment Optional
Note: Customization is available.
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