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About Sinou

Here at Sinou Environmental Protection Equipment Co. we design and produce concrete reclaimers, wash water recycling systems and other material reclamation equipment. Our machinery is used to conserve resources and operate in a much more environmentally friendly manner.

We are the leading manufacturer of concrete reclaimers and concrete and wash water recycling systems. Our products are used in concrete production, mining, sewage treatment and many other industrial applications.

In 1996, we invented the first concrete reclaimer, the CH100. It was later patented (Patent number: ZL9621190.2) and was a milestone in the evolution of the concrete recycling industry. In 2000, our concrete reclaimer earned us the Gold Award at CIEPEC.

We passed ISO9001 certification in 2006 and CE certification in 2007 thanks to advances in our production capability.

We employ a team that adheres to a design philosophy based around reliability and quality. This allows us to produce heavy duty equipment that can be trusted by our customers and that is why we have a good reputation in the more than 20 countries that we do business in around the world. Our aim is to help you with your business, all while protecting the environment.

    1. Projects

      • Concrete reclaimer CH-80 installed in Greece in 2011
      • Concrete reclaimer CH-100 installed in Makkah, Saudi Arabia
    1. Certificates

      Name: CE Certification
      Content: CE Certification
      Issuing authority: BTS International
      Certified matters: BTS International
      Issue Date: Dec. 26, 2006

    1. Service & Technology

      After-Sales Service
      1. Upon receipt of your order, Sinou will deliver your goods in 15-30 days.
      2. We offer a 12-month warranty for all Sinou machines. During the warranty period, we provide all replacement parts free of charge, including shipping. Outside the warranty period, you can buy the parts from Sinou, or we can also recommend you the appropriate models from a local supplier.
      3. We will visit or contact you every six months to make sure that the recycling equipment is working properly and offer any appropriate services.

    1. Company Tour

      • Panorama of Filiale in Jiaxing City
      • Panorama of Filiale in Wenzhou City