Concrete Reclaimer
CH Series Concrete Reclaimer

    The CH series reclaimer comprises chiefly the sand separating system and the roller, employing the PLC fully-automatic control system for convenience purpose. After 20 years’ constant upgrade, the CH series products have been altered into one of the equipment with the steadiest operation, the most complete washing effect, and the most exceptional separating consequent.
    The CH series reclaimer is available in 3 models: CH-80, CH-100 and CH-125. Users can arrange the layout elastically judging by the real situation.
    Small space occupancy and flexible design
    Possesses self-developed patent. The water content in the processed concrete reaches the lowest level in the concrete reclaimer manufacturing industry
    Protects the sieve pores from being blocked
    High load design and long service life
    Easy manipulation and handy maintenance

  • In addition to reducing the speed, the worm gear speed reducer has a forceful function of improving the output torque and lowering the load inertia simultaneously.
    1. Compact structure and lightweight design
    2. Splendid heat exchange and radiation performance
    3. Easy installation and ascendant performance
    4. Stable, noiseless and durable
    5. Practical, safe and reliable

    The guide trough joints with the auger to store and deliver the waste concrete.

CHH-150 Concrete Reclaimer

    In comparison with its former versions, CR-150 no longer needs the ramp, narrowing the floor area to less than 20㎡.CR-150 is distinctive for his powerful cleaning capacity. Only in 25 minutes can a scraped machine which covers 10㎡ area be completely washed. Its features:
    1. No ramp, decreases the civil engineering costs
    2. 3 inlets for materials, flexibly placed depending on the sites
    3. Small occupation space
    4. Large capacity.
    5. The maximum stacking height is up to 1.8m

CHY-160 Concrete Reclaimer

    We merge the sand separating and the stone separating into one system. With the utilization of helical blades and turbine bucket principle, the separation process can be done for one time efficiently.
    1. The ramp is in no need
    2. The innovative diversion roller screen validly avoids the blocking phenomenon
    3. No friction
    4. Large capacity, outstanding sedimentation result

CHY-180 Concrete Reclaimer

    For the CHY series products, the sand separating and stone separating are integrated into one system. We have applied the principle of helical blades and turbine bucket into this type of reclaimer. It is distinguished from the CH series for:
    1. No ramp needed
    2. The innovative diversion roller screen effectively averts the blocking
    3. No friction
    4. Large capacity, outstanding sedimentation result

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