Factory Tour
A panoramic view

    Our workshops approximately cover an area of 1000 square meters, divided into the metal processing plant, the saw workshop, the sheet metal processing shop, the general assembly workshop and the spraying shop. It possesses more than 50 empirical employees. The utmost monthly output is over 60 sets.

The general assembly workshop

    General assembling is one of the most significant parts in production process. Therefore all our staff members are required to be skillful and a strict product quality management system is employed. In that system, every finished machined is given an ID for its traceability.

  • This is the welding cycloid reducer. Characteristics
    1. Compact structure and small volume
    2. Steady operation and low noise
    3. Durable and reliable

  • The auger holds a dominant position in thoroughly dissociating the stone and the sand in the waste concrete. After its processing, the mud content will be lower than 1% and the water content lower than 5%.

  • The guide trough used to store and transmit the waste concrete is being polished.

  • Owning an exclusive patent, we are the only user of this fixture in concrete reclaimer manufacturing industry. The rack system it produces is unified by the consistent specification and dimension and a tiny diagonal deformation of within 3mm.

    The roller can detach the stone from the waste concrete for one time.

    The electrical control cabinet is equipped with Schneider components to ensure a low failure rate and a trustworthy quality. Its life is estimated to be 5 years. The PLC programming control system supports a fully automatic cleaning process.

  • The easy-operated smart text display shows the real-time working status of those machines.

  • To make sure that the appearance of the machines conforming to the provision, we utilize the infrared detection to examine the machines’ shape, horizontality and verticality.

The sheet metal workshop

    The plasma cutting machine is used for cutting stock purpose. The accuracy is within 1mm.

The metal processing plant

    This plant contains 15 processing machineries, such as the lathe, the grinder, the internal grinding machine, the surface grinder, the radial drilling machine, the CNC lathe, the turning center, and the vertical machining center etc. We have 15 people working here, whose average working time is over 10 years.

  • Presented is a corner of the lathe processing. The processing precision is up to 0.05mm.

  • One of our staff is manipulating the horizontal lathe which has an accuracy of 0.02mm to process workpieces’ side face or other accessories.

  • The surface grinder with an accuracy of 0.01-0.02mm primarily deals with the fixture, the clamping ring and the screw nut.

  • With an accuracy of 0.01-0.03mm, the lathe has the superiority in precisely processing the piston, the front cylinder cover etc.

    We have imported this Haas vertical machining center from the United States for processing the clamping ring, the screw nut, the valve block etc. It is predominant for the high-accuracy and auto-power management properties.

The warehouse

    In the picture is our outsourcing parts warehouse. We own 3 warehouses which separately store the outsourcing parts, the semi-finished products, and the finished products. With as much as 160 shelves, we do an inventory every month and adopt the ERP system for an efficient administration.


    Every month, roughly 40 sets of machines are shipped to many countries or regions all over the world.

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