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The outdoor scene

    Zhejiang Sinou Environmental Protection Equipment Company is developed from Wenzhou Sentai which was created in 1982. Until now, we have founded 2 brands- SOHNT and SINOU. Since 1999, Sinou has devoted himself into producing a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly equipment. Nowadays, our developed in-house concrete reclaimers have found wide applications in concrete manufacturing, mining, sewage treatment and river management.

The indoor scene

    Presently Sinou is staffed by more than 110 employees, with the middle and senior engineers accounting for a high proportion of 30%. We possess two major production bases respectively concentrating on producing concrete reclaimer and hydraulic breaker. With years' tireless effort, we have evolved into an enterprise well-known in eco-friendly industry all over the country. Moreover, you can find our products in many regions and countries throughout the world including Hong Kong, Qatar, Russia, and Australia etc.


    Presented in the photos is the signing ceremony between Sinou and the well-known construction machinery manufacturer -Sany. In this transaction Sany ordered dozens of machines from us for his concrete waste treatment. While it is worth mentioning that, Sany is the largest engineering machinery supplier in China, and in global machinery industry, he ranks the fifth place. His pump output is the top in the world.

The R&D department

    Our R&D team is constituted by 12 highly educated designers with an average service time of over 10 years, among which there are 2 masters and 1 doctor. This core sector assembled by talent and technology has laid a solid foundation for our success. Apart from the CH and CHY series concrete claimers, our team has newly launched the China's first sand washing machine CR-150, furnishing more options for various scales of concrete batching plants.

    Professor Ni has been striving in design industry for over 50 years. From the setup of our predecessor Sentai in 1982, he never betrays us or slacks his job. His decades' persistence has won him the supreme respect and esteem. And now he is still contributing himself as a veteran in our company.

Our development process

    Our predecessor- Wenzhou Sentai Environmental Protection Equipment Company, which was originated from 1982
    1. In 1995, we introduced our first batch of concrete reclaimers from Germany- the CH series reclaimers
    2. In 2002, for the first time we brought the filter press into batching plants
    3. In 2008, from Singapore we got our second generation of reclaimers - the CHY1400 series machine
    4. In 2010, we firstly applied the neutral water system into batching plants
    5. In 2010, our automatic washing turbine realized its appliance
    6. In 2011, we let the brick machines deal with the filtered mud in batching plants
    7. In 2012, the China's first second-generation sand washing machine - CHH150 which is developed independently by us is launched, creating a precedent in the industry
    8. In 2013, we successfully developed the second generation of easy-type sand washing machine - CHH1200
    9. In 2014, we succeeded in designing the mud processing recycling system.

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