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Service & Technology

After-Sales Service
1. Upon receipt of your order, Sinou will deliver your goods in 15-30 days.
2. We offer a 12-month warranty for all Sinou machines. During the warranty period, we provide all replacement parts free of charge, including shipping. Outside the warranty period, you can buy the parts from Sinou, or we can also recommend you the appropriate models from a local supplier.
3. We will visit or contact you every six months to make sure that the recycling equipment is working properly and offer any appropriate services.

Response to Your Telephone and E-mail within 24 hours
Sinou has a 24-hour technical support service that can be reached by e-mail. When you encounter a problem, our professional technical team will serve for you and respond you within 24 hours after receiving your message.

Complete Parts Supply System
With sufficient spare parts in stock, Sinou can provide high quality spare parts at any time.

Professional Technical Training
Every reclaimer and recycling machine produced by Sinou is delivered with an installation video and installation and maintenance manual. If necessary, we can send engineers to the installation site for training and installation guidance. During this period, the customer is responsible for the expenses of round-trip airfare and accommodations.